Ral Architects, Southport

    Our Philosophy


    We are first and foremost Architects – and proud to focus on our core skills. RAL offer a full range of architectural services from inception to completion and our services for each project are tailored to suit the needs of particular clients and projects and the procurement process adopted .


    Our team oriented studio atmosphere creates a distinctive culture. Diverse sets of skills create an environment where individuals grow and creativity flourishes.

    Curiosity drives us – a need to know why things are like they are, how they can be improved and how they are put together. Each person accepts the responsibility his or her role carries, making everybody's job easier and more rewarding.


    Sustainability is considered as a core part of the design process. We aim to maximise the quality of the built environment and minimise the impact on the natural environment. Responsible design can save our clients money by reducing energy consumption and operating costs.


    Each work of architecture should consider and embrace it's cultural, community, natural and urban context. Sometimes it is appropriate for a statement to be made, sometimes for the solution to fit unobtrusively into the street scene.

    Our projects are all considered unique, strive to create beauty, to minimise the consumption of resources and to maximise human potential.


    We endeavour to contribute positively to communities to lift the spirit of users. We add vitality to designs and aim to use new and existing materials and products in innovative ways.

    It is impractical to isolate threads of the design process into separate areas. To pull on one thread and ignore others may cause the whole to unravel. That is why we believe in a collaborative, integrated design process.

    Ral Architects, Southport, members of CIAT,riba